Cosiam Cosiam is the result of our professional and educational experiences as builders since three generations starting in 1928, with particular expertise, in the building, environment and restoration sector.

Founded in 1996 by the current associates Greco Rocco and Presti Vincenza Rita, Cosiam is now a company that maintains its own core business in the building sector thanks to the unification of important business.

Nowadays Cosiam deals with the promotion of big projects for urban transformations, the realization of concession or contract infrastructures, as well as the management of important manufacturing activities, with the same commitment and the same passion of a century ago.

Research and Development

Gretec is an innovative start-up intended specifically to consolidate the axis R & D of Cosiam.

A team of young students that are now operating on technology applied to the field of construction, are now exploring the world market to search for the most intelligent materials and provide an essential connection between the company and the world of research.

Sustainability and Technology. A common denominator that indissolubly links the two realities.

Social responsibility

We believe that doing business means creating value. What is more valuable than the smile of a child?

Cosiam is the main sponsor of the Macchitella Gela football association, born from the idea of a group of young catholics, which for more than five years have encouraged the growth. Soccer school and academies are some of the most important youth sectors of Sicilian Football.


Geom. Rocco Greco

General Manager

tel: +39 0933 821211

email: r.greco@cosiam.it

Arch. Fausto Rechichi

Chief Technical Officer

tel: +39 0933 821211

email: f.rechichi@cosiam.it

Rag. Vincenza Presti

Chief Financial Officier

tel: +39 0933 1906161

email: v.presti@cosiam.it

Francesco Greco

Executive Sales Manager

tel: +39 0933 832627

email: f.greco@cosiam.it

Paola Greco

Purchase Manager

tel: +39 0933 832627

email: p.greco@cosiam.it

Ing. Renato Cosenza

Engineering Manager Dpt.

tel: +39 0933 1906163

email: r.cosenza@cosiam.it

Rag. Graziana Cocchiara

Purchase Manager

tel: +39 0933 1906161

email: g.cocchiara@cosiam.it

Dott. Ignazio Cannata

Public Procurement Dpt. - Legal Office

tel: +39 0933 1906160

email: i.cannata@cosiam.it

Geom. Danilo Verderame

Works Executive Dpt.

tel: +39 0933 1906163

email: d.verderame@cosiam.it

Lorenzo Leone

IT Manager

tel: +39 0933 1906162

email: l.leone@cosiam.it

Ing. Antonino di Rosa

Construction Dpt.

tel: +39 0933 1906162

email: a.dirosa@cosiam.it

Arch. Ambra Tumino

Architecture Departement

tel: +39 0933 821211

email: a.tumino@cosiam.it

Arch. Eros Di Prima

Architecture Departement

tel: +39 0933 821211

email: e.diprima@cosiam.it

Ing. Giampiero Urone

Engineering Department

tel: +39 0933 821211

email: g.urone@cosiam.it

Graziano Russotto

Job Consultant

tel: +39 0933 922889

email: g.russotto@cosiam.it



Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Our goal is to make the persons that are working with us feel good. From providers to customers, from the executive to the workers, we are fully convinced that the ethics of work and an entrepreneurial philosophy, based on the value of the person, are the key to our success. Exactly for this reason, for several years, cosiam has been committed to the improvement and integration of quality in the entire business system Politic of Quality


Certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

In the near future our children will take care of what we are creating nowadays. Always Cosiam has always been sensitive to these issues and encourages in every way the environmental protection policy. Everything we do, we try to make everything we do sustainable, demanding respect of the highest standards of environment compatibility within our company and towards our suppliers. Politic of Enviroment


Certification UNI EN ISO 18001:2007

For us, Cosiam, security is a serious thing. We know that any kind of profit can`t come apart from ensuring the health and safety of both our employees and suppliers. Regarding to the commitment of our management is committed to comply with legislation and regulation applicable to the prevention of accidents and the continuous improvement of its performance, on and off the site. Politic of Safety


Riposto (CT)

Interventions for land conservation, renovation of the waterfront Pantano

Year: 2015

Gela (CL)

ISAF landfill site Syndial Gela

Year: 2014

Trabia (PA)

Extraordinary maintenance works for structural adjustment of the fishing port.

Year: 2013

Favara (AG)

Renovation, restoration and recovery of the Ambrosini native house

Year: 2012

Catania (CT)

Realizzazione scala di sicurezza esterne, in acciaio, nella facolta di Ingegneria dell'Universita' degli studi di Catania

Year: 2010

Licata (AG)

Road connecting the Licata industrial port to the SS 115

Year: 2007

Gela (CL)

Reclamation of landfill “Timpazzo”

Year: 2007

Barrafranca (CL)

Realization Holy Family’s Church, Barrafranca

Year: 2007

Isnello (PA)

Realization equipped areas “Piano Zucchi”

Year: 2006

Gela (CL)

Completion of sewage system c.da Marchitello

Year: 2006

Gela (CL)

Realization St. Rocco‘s Church, Gela

Year: 2004

Gela (CL)

Construction of the Arena parking.

Year: 2004

Noto (SR)

Recovery and conservation of the Jesuit’s college

Year: 2004

Paterno' (CT)

Construction of a nursery school

Year: 2002

San Cataldo (CL)

Primary urbanization in Pizzo Carano area plan.

Anno: 2002

Donnafugata (RG)

Makeover the garden of Donnafugata’s Castle.

Anno: 2002


Reaching out to customers is the first step towards building a solid business reality. We often come across, after years, with some clients who retain beautiful memories of Cosiam. for us it is still a thrill to see the satisfaction on the faces of our customers.


By our own in this industry, we're not going anywhere. For this time we have built a dense network of specialized partners with whom we work constantly. Our accredited suppliers aren't done only according to the numbers, but above all, considering the quality of the people.


Years of experience in the world of Public Works and private CI They delivered several certifications of which we are proud . Not only expertise but Also Legal Requirements All Here Today That allow you to stay on the market .


Cosiam S.r.l. is qualified by the certification organism 'La Soatech S.p.A.'' Click here

ISO 9001:2008

Cosiam S.r.l. is certified by the certification organism 'Dimitto Italy srl' Click here

ISO 14001:2004

Cosiam S.r.l. is certified by the certification organism 'ACS Registrars'. Click here

ISO 18001:2007

Cosiam S.r.l. is certified by the certification organism 'Cer.Med' Click here/a>

Prefettura di Caltanissetta - Ufficio territoriale del Governo

Cosiam S.r.l. is registered in the List of providers, service providers and executors of works not subject to mafia infiltration attempt (Art. 1, Sections 52-57 of the Act N. 190/2012; D.P.C.M. April 18, 2013).Being updated Clicca qui

Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali

Cosiam S.r.l. is registered in the National Environmental Management Section Regional of Sicily N PA02418 to the categories:

9 (reclamation of sites) and Class C

4 (collection and transport of special wastes no dangers) - F

5 (collection and transport of dangerous waste) - F

1 OA (reclamation activities of asbestos-containing goods effected on the following materials: construction materials containing asbestos bound in cement or resin matrix) and class E


Injury-free years


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